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December 31, 2011

Generic New Year's Greetings

It's a quiet late afternoon on New Year's Eve. I've spent the day much as I've spent the majority of this holiday break, by myself with little to do but take my dog for a walk, watch a movie, nap, tidy up and check Facebook. Much of the time it feels like heaven. But sometimes it feels like hell.

While my New Year's Eve plans feel entirely acceptable to me, I realize that many of you will think me pathetic. Trust me, I sought out other options first -- even ones that didn't seem all that appealing. But my friends who are in town and without children either already had plans or just felt like staying home. I considered spending the evening home alone and probably would've done so if most of my forced holiday vacation wasn't exactly that. Too much solitary time does not serve this extrovert well and ringing in the New Year all by my lonesome borders on dangerous.

So tonight I'm spending NYE exactly where I spent it last year -- in my old apartment with Wine Guy.

Our breakup has been almost too ideal. He helped me move (on his 40th birthday no less), we shopped for new furniture for our places together (totally confusing the sales guy), he gave me a lovely birthday present and has come with me to visit my mom who lives about 40 minutes away (she missed him).

He's still my best friend, albeit one who gets on my nerves in all the same ways he used to (and vice versa). We did recently hit a snag when he felt the need to talk about the type of women he's seen on one of the dating sites, but insists he hasn't joined. I didn't want to hear about it and told him to steer clear of that subject. But he naively insisted and, before he knew it, we were in an awkward tiff that he later profusely apologized for walking us into.

Funny thing about it is that I'm the one who's actually dating, not him. So why does the idea of him even thinking about dating upset me? Because his odds are better. I know that when he wants to be in a relationship again (after the sting of being with me for four years has worn off), there will most likely be a quality 30-something woman eagerly awaiting his email. There are lots of us. What there aren't are lots of him. Sure he has significant flaws, but he's still the person I choose to spend nights like NYE with and I know that pretty soon he'll be wanting to spend them with someone else, as he should. I just don't want to hear about it until it happens.

While tonight will be pleasant (he's cooking after all :-), I know it's something of a step backwards. This certainly isn't where I expected to be at this point in 2011. And the feeling only gets worse as I see the many posts from my Facebook friends wishing us all a happy new year, generically thanking us for our friendship and hoping that all of our wishes will be fulfilled in 2012. It's nice, sure, but ultimately it's an empty declaration, especially when the person on the receiving end feels so entirely alone.

If you're playing the world's smallest violin right now, I don't blame you. I admit I'm having something of a pity party. What else are blogs for ;-)? But I also know that tomorrow, when the sun is shining and the pressure of being alone over the holidays is finally over,  I will feel more hopeful. I will appreciate the fact that I still have two more days of leisure time before I return to the daily grind that, I just realized, has kept this loneliness at bay for most of 2011. So that I am thankful for.

And, of course, I wish everyone a happy new year, generically thank you all for your friendship and hope that all of your wishes will be fulfilled in 2012.


Sherry said...

Oh, who cares what the official odd are for each of you?

You only need one. The right one.

In the meantime, I strongly think you need to focus on living a happy life. Do you know how many married people are wistful for their single days?

Anonymous said...

Well said DT. I am actually becoming somewhat more interested in what you say. I think it's because you are starting to get it. Pity parties are ok, we all have them. I agree that wine/whine guy has good odds, but so do you. Give yourself a chance, and credit on how far you have come. HNY.

Anonymous asshole.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with or pitiful about yr NYE plans; Plan C spent Christmas with me & my family in 2008, four months after we had broken up. After everyone left (he outstayed them all...), each of us told the other about the person s/he was then dating, and then each of us told the other how wrong that person was for him/her (I think it's impossible to write that sentence in a simple, clear way...). AND -- we were both right. Each of those other relationships were over within weeks. BUT it's sort of comforting to see the old, familiar person, especially on a holiday. And that was the last time I saw Plan C, three years ago on xmas, though we're on touch via email. I have someone now (as you know -- you met him) and Plan C does not, even though the statistics might indicate the reverse shld be the case. But that's because I figured out what the problem was, and he never did. So the moral is, fuck the statistics, and (excuse forthcoming cliche') think positively and Go For the next person. And I'm curious to know how yr NYE was?? Oh, and DT, you know, it's OKAY to hate New Year's. Funny Guy and I do. We did nothing last night but went to a very nice brunch today. We just winced during the 15 min. of fireworks last night.

Looking forward to many blog posts from you in 2012. xoxoxoxox Mimi

Anonymous said...

Great article.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I did the laundry on New Year's Eve.