Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

August 28, 2009

List of Laments

It's 2:20am, I'm wide awake after two hours of fitful tossing and turning. What better way to sort out why than a blog entry? Due to the hour and my drowsy state of mind, allow me to list out the recent events of my life that are flashing around in my mind in a pitch black bedroom (Wine Guy peacefully snoring beside me).

Within the last two weeks I have learned the following:
1. Naval A-hole is married (as discussed here).

2. I learned that Only Child got engaged (and, unlike the way it was with me, he actually sounds like he will go through with it. He even manned up and bought a ring this time).

3. I attended Gouda's baby shower last weeekend. She met her boyfriend about six months after I hooked up with Wine Guy. Apparently they had a little "oops" last New Years that left her happily knocked up with no pressure to tie the knot (though her bf would be more than happy to). Oh, did I mention that baby showers are the equivalent of teeth pullings for me? Though in fairness it was lovely and Gouda seems very happy.

4. RSVP'd yes to a wedding of another friend who is tying the knot with her Navy boyfriend. She met him about one year after I met Wine Guy. Yes, I'm very happy for her. And yes, it makes me feel.....left in the dust AGAIN. ( I know, I know. It's not a race. Tell me that all you want. But it still feels like I'm losing anyway.)

5. Serious (and none-too-surprising) life drama with my troublesome siblings lately, all taking place while I'm trying to make my mom's 70th birthday (which is hitting her - and me- hard) a happy one for her despite the drama that I know is bringing her down.

6. My recovery from hip surgery has ceased to be a positive experience. I healed extremely fast at the beginning. But instead of that being the good thing I thought it was, it ended up meaning that my bone was in hyper drive heal mode and grew too much. Right into the soft tissue and muscle, causing increasing pain and lack of mobility. After a fight to get more pain meds (and essentially being accused by the nurse of just trying to score narcotics to feed a supposed addiction), I finally saw the surgeon who confirmed I am one of the very few this happens to and that I have to wait until NEXT SPRING to have the problem fixed since the bone has to stop growing first. This means continued, if not increased pain and lack of mobility for five more freakin' months. All the while I get fatter and crankier.

7. Wine Guy's father is not in good health and he now has to fly out to Texas during his planned week off to check on his parents.

I'm sure I could think of something else if I wanted to make myself feel even worse. But I'll spare us both and stop.

Honestly, if I really think about it, my life is still pretty good. I may not be getting exactly what I want, but what I have is still worth being thankful for. I even got a new second income opportunity that arose out of this very blog! So that is keeping me inspired for the future. And Wine Guy finally got a new job (he's been MISERABLE for over a year at his current one) and I know he will be a much happier companion when he is content in his professional life. Plus, his new job is with a company that lets you bring your dog to work! So Luna will get to have a daily commute and spend the day at the office with her daddy. That makes me very happy.

So, that's what's going on with me. Hopefully your own personal battlefield has far less casualties than mine at the moment. Let's be thankful that it is now Friday.
Thanks for listening, my blog-reading friends.



Anonymous said...

Oh jeez. I'm sorry you're having such bad luck w/ healing, and that life's junk is piling up on you. That stinks. No easy answers for any of it but sometimes plain old wallowing for a while works for me. :-)

Hope the weekend brings a few laughs...


Jaclyn said...

Ouch! That's quite a list for two weeks! I hope that things improve soon!

Loverville said...

BIG hug to you, and hope things turn around for you soon!

Anonymous said...

DT, you may have written it before, but what is this hip problem you had surgery for? Is it congenital?

Sorry for the bad healing news; health is of course conspicuous by its absence, and it must be terribly frustrating to be the one who's unlucky enough to get the rare bone-growth problem.


Dating Trooper said...

Thanks for the commiserating everyone. I'm feeling a bit better - the weekend always helps!
Anon, to answer your ? about my hip - yes, it is a congential problem (hip dysplasia, you know, like a German Shepherd). They check newborns for severe hip problems when they're born, but mine was minor enough not to be noticed until I started having lots of pain in my 30s. I decided to have corrective surgery to save my hips before they got too bad rather than just let them deteriorate until I need a hip replacement. Nice options, huh? Hopefully it will have been the right decision in the end.

kristin said...

ugh, sorry to hear about all this. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now. Let's talk soon, although I hear your voice ALL THE TIME around here (17. seconds. behind....) ok, I know cryptic, inside humor doesn't belong on blogs!

Amanda said...

Jesus Christ. All I can say is ::hugefuckinginternethug::

You need a vaction

The Big Girl Blog! said...

Hey Sweat Pea,

Of course I know I can do nothing to help, but when you mentioned getting "fatter" while healing I of course had to go through my mental rolidex of advice. ;-)

So here it is:


Swimming is my new obsession, its easy on joints and even if you have limited mobility with your lower half, doing a "freestyle" swim with only your arms will get your heart rate up and burn some serious calories.

Also, being in water always helps me to clear my head.

Just a thought...


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

oh dt i know that feeling, when you can so easily list all the things that are better for other people than they are for you. and it tends to strike in the middle of the night...yes...or with PMS, which perhaps you were experiencing. i'm sorry we couldn't all respond & comfort you when the attack was on, but hey at least you wrote it all up. hey imagine what life would be like if you didn't have Wine Guy & Luna! and on the positive side, Halloween is coming in only *two* months, so it's time to start thinking what Luna will wear this year! at any rate, like everyone else, i wish you all the best & hope you can store all the love up and use it again when you need it.
-- mimi

Mendoza Line said...

And: your pal's Cubbies are stinking.

I have a $10 gift card for Taco Surf. Let's go, chow down and be distracted from our laments for awhile. :)

Anonymous said...

There are few things worse than being in a great relationship, that you know is great, than having everyone that met after you get engaged and have babies. It feels like everyone is looking at you guys. It sucks.

Oh, here is another thing that sucks, finally getting married, going thru infertility issues and getting invited to baby showers every other minute!! We had a happy ending but still.... there was some rough moments. jess