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August 13, 2009

Bizarre Dating Websites

I don't know about any of you 30+ single ladies, but when I was on the prowl I noticed a distinct and rapid decline in interest from male suitors in the online dating realm the moment I passed the 32-year mark. From my late twenties until then,, Yahoo Personals and E-Harmony were all bountiful hunting grounds. Meaning, I got some emails from guys I might actually consider dating. And even a few replies when I dared to email the guy first.

But the second I hit that do-or-die close to mid-thirties range, the men disappeared fast. Seriously. I went from feeling completely bombarded on to, one year later, hearing crickets. And nothing changed on my profile except my age.

I know several other amazingly beautiful, smart,funny, low maintenance, single, mid-thirties women who are facing the same problem. It could very well be a San Diego thing, as men here tend to want the late 20s arm piece who will go jogging with them on the beach every day and cheer them on during their triathlons. And if you won't do those things, they at least want you to be in your 20s. But either way, the whole thing is desperately annoying.

I may not be out there on the market these days, but I still feel your pain.

Which is why I had to share this link with you today. At first I thought it was kind of funny. But now I'm thinking it might be the saddest list I've ever seen. I don't know. But at least we can feel better (?) knowing that there are lots of other people out there who also feel left out of the mainstream online dating world (with some left far, far, far out).

So here it is. Enjoy.
Top 10 Bizarre Dating Websites



Dark Cloud Nine said...

oh. wow.

Loverville said...

Well... the one for tall people is a good idea. Some of the others? More "interesting".

And YES, I've noticed a big difference in the responses I've gotten on dating websites as my age has advanced closer towards the late 30s! What I find amusing: in a single day I might get an email from a silver fox in his 50s, then one from a young cub in his 20s.

Deidre said...

I am a bit scarred. The diaper one totally freaked me out.

Amanda said...

I've actually been out on several crazy blind dates and lived to write about them! It's not as bad as some of the other ones listed. Sure the guys weren't great but it was a fun story.

carol said...

well, I must admit, what you've just said are all true. this, apparently is the "impersonal side of things" when dealing with online dating sites.

I would suggest that instead of using these general dating sites, try niche dating sites which focus more on a particular interest or criteria. I heard they are great too although haven't tried them myself.

Filipina Dating said...

The online dating sites that are listed in your bizarre dating websites are definitely bizarre especially the schizophrenic and women in bars, geez I cannot imagine although I do not want to sound discriminating but it is very weird for me.

Whenever I join online dating sites I usually prefer sites that caters my general interests wherein there are pools of interesting singles that could be my potential mate. I do not go for specific ones just like the ones in your lists.

I remember when a friend of mine joined Darwin's site, she edited her picture for her to look more beautiful so that she will be included in the lists of gorgeous people. hehe And for that she was a part of Darwin's.

Alex Kindle said...

I couldn't agree more with your comments about men disappearing when you reach your 30s. Unfortunately our society encourages men in the belief that they can have a woman 20-30 years younger - in fact, that they have a right to a much younger partner and that they shouldn't settle for anyone near their own age. Unfortunately it gets worse the older you get. When you hit forty, few men under 60 will give you a second look. Do the numbers - one day you're going to be 55 and healthy and active... and taking care of a 75-year-old guy who's no longer quite continent. And then you're going to be a widow. Doesn't sound like a great deal to me.

Emmanual said...

Well I guess if you have been online dating for a long(er) amount of time then you need to try something new right? Thus, why not date a Trekkie, [im sure that they wouldn't care about age that much].

Taylor Long said...

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