Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

April 19, 2009

Gimp Chronicles

I'm mostly writing this post to push the last two down from the top of the list. I've heard from friends who have been catching up on Dating is Warfare over the last month, all of whom want to share their thoughts and reactions to some of the comments I received that clearly upset me. To be honest, it is all a vague blur to me and I can't really bring myself to re-read them. I was in no place to be reading or writing - let alone pondering life- having just come home from the hospital, in a lot of pain ,and not in the most uplifting of moods.

But I just wanted to say that I'm back in the land of the living, thinking and semi-walking and will resume writing more regularly again soon. After two weeks recuperating at my mom's, I came home about two weeks ago and have been getting better every day, physically and (sort of) mentally.

Wine Guy is taking tremendous care of me though it is no fun being so dependent on someone and I'm eager to get my extracurricular life back. As of right now, I can't drive, can put on my own shoes or socks, and can't bend forward to pick anything up. But I'm off the pain killers, catching up with my friends and remembering what my life used to be like pre-surgery.

Still, there is lots to tell and I will be back again soon telling it. Thanks for (hopefully) sticking around.



Katherine said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better!

Loverville said...

Sounds like you're healing nicely... hang in there!

Just read one of your updates in the sidebar, and now I want jelly beans.

Tasha said...

I just caught up on the last posts on your blog and, Wow, people are brutal with their comments! Just wanted to say that I hope you feel better and don't take those anonymous comments too seriously! Only you and Wine Guy know what is right for you. Don't let anyone tell you what to do with your life. Hugs to you!

P.S. I love the "hip" shower idea! So much fun! :-)