Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

February 12, 2009

The "Hippest" Shower Ever!

It's official - the "Hip Shower" is ON!

I sent out my evite to about 30 female friends yesterday and already have 8 yes RSVPs! It's a nice mix of my friends and my mom's friends, who've I've pretty much grown up with. So far it seems like people "get" what I'm trying to do. I know with the way I've been feeling lately (stressed, depressed, anxiety-ridden, self-pitying), I need to do whatever it takes to keep my focus on all things positive in my life. What better way than a party!

Still working on game ideas and taking suggestions.

Of course, I wish all of you out there could come too. But I promise to keep you f
illed in. Thanks for your supportive comments and good wishes.

Here's the text of the evite. How would you RSVP?

The "Hippest" Shower Ever!

You've been to bridal showers and baby showers ....but have any of them been "hip?"

Now you can answer "Yes!" to that question when you attend
DT's Hip/Recovery Shower!

She's having her second hip surgery on March 23 and, thank goodness, she'll be all out of hips when this one's done. She's got a long recovery ahead and wants to bring the good wishes of her friends along to help her through.

Come dressed in your finest pajamas/recovery wear!

Brunch will be served, along with mimosas and Bloody Marys (and some non-alcoholic stuff too). Be prepared for games, good company and the hippest shower ever.

We'll be in the Club House at the development where DT's mom lives.

*What kind of shower would this be without a registry? Yes, DT is registered at Target.

Guest List:

Who's Hip? (yes)

I'm Feeling Hippish... (maybe)

Ain't Gotta Hip Bone in My Body (no)


Meagan said...

This is awesome! But I gotta know - what did you register for? :)

Shelly said...

Crutch race! Crutch race!

That sounds like a great party. I would definitely attend.

Dating Trooper said...

Meagan - Good question. My registry ranges from yummy pajamas to Beneful fiber (trust me, after surgery you need it). Plus a showerhead with manual adaptor/hose, raised toilet know, nothing but glamour. Think about what you would buy for your grandma if she were coming home from a stay in the hospital. Oh, and Barack Obama audio books to keep me "stimulated".

Shelley - I'm looking in to renting a few pairs of crutches. I'm thinking relay race with crutches and wheelchair?? We'll see

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

dt, if you could send your name and the target info to my blog 'comments', i would _not publish_ it but copy it to my files. OR you could send it to my email address. so i'll write you via email: look for it. thinking of you...and so happy about this party. xx mimi

x said...

Woo-hoo! Brings new meaning to the term hipster. :)