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January 31, 2009

Shower Me

Last weekend I attended yet another baby shower. This time for my sister-in-law. The good news was that there was free-flowing champagne and my knitted baby blanket gift (the last of the baby projects for the year) was a big hit. The bad news was that my mom's yenta friends were there and asking when Wine Guy and I were going to get married.

It's no secret that I'm eager to tie the knot and get on with the baby thing. I basically wear my maternal clock around my neck -- Flavor Fav style. So these questions were predictably getting me a little down.

At least this time I have a valid excuse for delay -- my upcoming surgery. Yes, I am definitely having a second major surgery (March 23). Same one I had last January, except this time on the other hip. (I guess that makes me special - how many 36 year olds do you know who have had two hip surgeries?!) The recovery was awful and it took me about 9 months before I stopped regretting the first one. But now I don't and the other hip has deteriorated rapidly over the last year so I kind of have no choice. Here we go again.

So when the yentas asked me about getting married/having a baby, I said something pitiful along the lines of, "I don't think I'll get any kind of celebratory shower like this for a long time. All I get to celebrate is surgery." Yeah I know, poor me. I never said I wasn't a whiner though.

Then one of them said something quite interesting, "So why not have a shower for your hip?"

First I laughed. Kind of guffawed actually. But then I started thinking about it. Why not? Why do I have to wait for a wedding or a baby? This is a MAJOR life event that will effect my life substantially for a long time. I will need the love and support of my friends and family. And I'll need stuff to get me through it. So why the hell can't I have a pre-surgery shower? The idea of the "Hip Shower" was born.

Since then my mom and her friends are all over it. We've got a date picked out, a guest list (girls only), and a location (my mom is renting out her club house at her complex). There will be games and prizes, a champagne brunch, and we are asking everyone to come in their best PJs. My brother volunteered to make a bunch of earrings (he's a 'master beader' believe it or not) to give out as party favors. I am even going to register at Target.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but just the act of having something to look forward to over the next two months - instead of dread - has changed my entire outlook. And being able to laugh and poke fun at this experience has pulled me back from the dark place of "why is this happening to me?"

And now I can relax about the wedding thing for a little while because at least my mom can say she got to throw me a shower, right?

What do you guys think? Any ideas for games, party favors, etc? I'm thinking "Operation" will have to be involved somehow. Maybe a race on crutches?



mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

oh dt i think that's Wonderful. over email you can give me the target info so i can give you something. these yentas...they can have good ideas! that was really brilliant. you definitely deserve a party.
xx mimi

Kelly P. said...

I LOVE IT! The best idea ever! So many activity possibilities! Maybe you could play "pin the artificial hip on the donkey?" And if you have it at a park somewhere, you could set up a "hip 'n slide." Hey, if that hip's going out of commission, you gotta let it live a little. Also: You could play Hipster. Like Twister only better. And you could have a strictly hip menu: Hip Soup, Hip Pie with Hip Cream. Etcetera. I'm out of ideas for now... Maybe you could register yourself as "Dating Is Warfare" at Target, too... Just in case some of your readers (like moi) want to pitch in!

Nicole said...

LOL - I love the idea of a hip shower. You should make everyone wear hip and trendy clothes. Or since you're 'losing' a hip to the surgery, have an "unhip" party where every dresses like dorks. hehe

Can't wait to see pictures of the shower.

Loverville said...
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Loverville said...

LOVE IT love it love it!! What a fabulous idea -- I'm excited for you! What a great way to turn a negative into a positive.

Hey, maybe you should have a second one in NY! I have the perfect "hip" bar in the West Village -- we'll invite lots of hipsters...

Shelly said...

EXCELLENT idea! And a crutch race is mandatory, I think. That is going to be awesome!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Glad to know you guys like it! Full steam ahead....I'll look in to registering as Dating Trooper at Target too. You guys are so sweet!

lizriz said...

How fun! :)

Allison said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea.

Also, can you post some pix of the baby blanket or other things you've knitted?


CeCe said...


I love the "hipster" theme... or perhaps a Scrubs/hospital gown attire requirement?