Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

January 14, 2009

Detour Down Revolutionary Road

You may recall that I recently got a little side job writing movie reviews for a local weekly paper. For the most part it's been total cake. I choose what I want to review, walk to the front of a long line, and get the best seats in the house for a commercial-free, preview-free, free movie. Then spend about an hour or two writing and editing what I thought about it. I even get a little money for the trouble. Cool.

The last movie I reviewed -- Revolutionary Road -- gave me a little more trouble than I'm used to.

This film elicited a very personal reaction from me (I'll tell you why in a second.). When the lights came up and I read over the notes I had scribbled in the dark, all I could see was the makings of a blog entry. Not a review fit for a newspaper with actual paying advertisers.

So I hemmed and hawed, typed and deleted. And ultimately, after about two hours of deliberating, decided to write the review first person and be relatively honest about how I felt...without revealing my whole personal life story.

Basically what I said was this: Revolutionary Road is incredible and you just can't deny it is a well-made film. But how you feel about it will depend entirely upon where you are in life -- and how you feel about where you are in life -- when you see it. If anything, it is thought-provoking and powerful. But it could also be pretty damn depressing, depending on the person. And not everyone is up for thought provoking and potentially depressing on a Saturday night at the movies. Me? Well, I love to brood.

But let me tell you what I really wanted to say in my review.

Are you married? If so, is it a good marriage?
Do you have kids? If so, do you ever wish you didn't?
Do you have unfulfilled dreams? If so, do you blame someone else for that?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, I highly recommend you don't go see Revolutionary Road. That is, unless you want to be really depressed.

As for me...I answered no to all the questions above, which is why, when the lights came up, I felt pretty damn good. In fact, this was the first time in my adult life that I actually thought that being unmarried and without kids was actually the very thing that made me "special" among those around me. It made me free. It gave me possibilities.

If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that I am in a constant state of impatience waiting for the Ring, the Wedding, the Baby. That longing is there for everything I do, see, think. Every wedding invitation, birth announcement, family holiday card I get can set me off on another round of maternal clock hysteria. Sometimes I have to step away from the Facebook when I see yet one more person I used to know post pictures of their families. And let's not even get into all the dear friends that have slipped away into "mommydom" never to be seen again (except for the holiday cards of course). Let's just say it's a major THING for me.

To suddenly see my "predicament" as a blessing, for even just a moment, was a wonderful thing. So if you are anything like me - and you also happen to like beautifully crafted, acted and scored films - then go see Revolutionary Road at a theater near you.



Mendoza Line said...

Let's go see "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" immediately.

shanna said...

Oh, you make me want to go see it!! I feel your pain with the impatience--my engagement broke up in October and with it went the dreams of marriage and a baby--and if there's a movie what won't make me feel like crap about my current lot in life, I am all over it... Like my friend who wanted me to go see Rachel Getting Married just weeks afterward, and I was sooo scared for a typical wedding-related romcom, which it was sooo not, and it was very good.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

I would just like to say that if you Google the phrase "revolutionary road made me depressed," that this blog entry comes up as #2.

I don't know why, but that made me laugh.

Sonny Amou said...

Yeah, I may go see this one alone. I've been meaning to read the book for years and I know it's pretty much a downer. But all the same, Kate Winslet=I will go see it. Rarr.

Any time you want to check out a film and are looking for someone to go with, feel free to give me a buzz.

Later, off to cause mayhem,

Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

Wow, so well put! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It really is a powerful movie (and book, which I am obsessed with).

Loverville said...

Oh man! SO true! When I saw this movie, I thought, "if I ever married Camper, THAT could be us".

Shelly said...

VERY interesting perspective. I've been wondering if I should see this movie.

Dawn said...

Okay, I'm going to see it.
Longing for things is difficult. Just make sure you don't get so caught up in it that you miss what you do have.
Besides, you're obviously smart and funny and talented -- you'll get what you want!

The Dauntless Dater said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I read the book. When I finally put it down, it made me thankful I hadn't married the wrong one. Resentment is the worst.

Anonymous said...

I actually just googled "revolutionary road made me depressed" and this came up as number 1!

I was completely distraught after watching this film. It struck such a personal cord, and I bawled for two hours straight.

I had no idea what the film was about, so I was most definitely in for a surprise.

The movie has my mind buzzing all week and even had me thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend! quitting my job!!!

This is serious people. Never has a movie made such a profound impact on me.