Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

December 8, 2008

Assume the Position

When Wine Guy and I first started dating, we would boast about how little television we watched together. Why watch TV when there is so much to talk about? Or walks to take? Or making out to do?

I will admit it right here - we felt somewhat superior to those "other" couples that watched a lot of TV together on the couch.

Consider me humbled.

We watch TV. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. But we watch it everyday.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing back when we had smaller apartments and smaller couches. At least the TV watching gave us quality snuggling time. But since we moved in together and into a bigger place - and got the kick-ass couch with my dream chaise lounge - we are all spread out and in our comfort zones. And when we got the dog in July? Well, she snuggles right into the gap left between us.

So it's Wine Guy in the far corner by the lamp (basically where AppleButt the cat is sitting in this pic), then Luna the dog, then me in the prime chaise position. Heaven.

Every night. Come home. Eat. Assume the Position. (And don't forget the all-important DVR.)

I guess when I compare our current state with our smug new-coupleness one year+ ago, I get a bit concerned. Did we already run out of things to talk about? Are we using TV to avoid each other?

But then I also realize that we live together now. When we were just dating, our time together was an escape from our everyday lives. And when we went to our respective homes, we undoubtedly got on that couch and vegged out for a while. So we have to allow for some of that while living together, right?

The other night we spontaneously tried something different. We had just come home from a very festive game night at Gouda's house (she very kindly hosted it for my birthday, which was last Friday), and were still pretty wound up. Too wound up to flick on the TV and just sit there.

All of my board games were out from when I rummaged through them earlier to take to Gouda's (Catchphrase - the old school, non-electronic version -- is my #1 choice). Also sitting out was a game that Wine Guy insists is his favorite. He'd tried to get some of us to play it the previous weekend but nobody was really getting it, including me.

He suggested we try it again, just the two of us. I wasn't all that into it but he had been so nice going along with all of the birthday festivities I had crammed into the past three days, so I said OK.

It's a pretty strange little game. Kind of a post-modern role playing game I'd say? It's called Chez Geek and it's a basically a card game about a bunch of slackers all sharing a house trying to spend as little time working and as much time slacking off as possible.

To tell you the truth, I still don't really get it. But what made it so fun - it kept us up til 2am - was Wine Guy playing the "Gamemaster." He narrated the whole thing, walked us both through our characters and our cards, and totally got me into the slack groove. He was clearly having a blast and we spent the whole time talking, laughing and interacting.

We also dug into the cube of cards Gouda gave me as a birthday gift that are basically interesting questions to spark new topics of conversation. More goofing, gabbing and insights to be had.

The stereo was on, good music was playing (Radio Paradise is our Internet channel of choice) and the TV, thankfully, stayed off. Basically, it was just like when we first started dating. Except this time we needed an instruction manual and a game board to get it going. But we got it going nonetheless.

Before I get too smug again, let me tell you that the damn TV was on plenty the next day. We were both kinda hungover, and who the hell wants to talk when your hanging?



Shelly said...

That couch looks DELUXE!!

Sonny Amou said...

Teletubbies are your friend the day after a poison junket.