Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

September 24, 2008

Relationship Fail

Do any of you check out Fail Blog? It's one of my favorite daily stops. Always good for a laugh, usually at someone else's expense. But I'm sure when it's you looking like an ass on public display, it's hardly funny.

That's how I'll feel if my relationship with Wine Guy goes to shit. And it just might if this little downward spiral keeps picking up steam. Hopefully it won't. Hopefully we'll get past whatever "this" is. But it sucks and it will take time and effort. I guess every relationship does. But sometimes my baggage gets really heavy.

For my friends - and my mom - who are reading this. Don't panic. Don't call asking "what happened?" I'm just tearful, upset and sitting at my computer at 12:15am - probably the last place I should be right now. I should probably just sleep it all off and wake up to another sunny fucking day in San Diego, birds chirping and all that crap. Here's hoping.

So much for "loving in the now," huh? What did that last...a whole 24 hours?

Do you think I can blame Bush, McCain and that goddamn Sarah Palin for my bleak mood? I say yes.



A fair fairy said...

hang in there. we've been through hell JA and me. Hell really, me packing every other day kind of stuff... and not along ago still, even though we're now married and really happy. Love is on going battle for some. But a winning one. Just make sure he is fighting too - for the win - of your relationship.

Sonny Amou said...

Sarah did it. Definitely. Hate on the Palin.

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

now DT, you are BWE. this mood is truly only temporary. it sounds like the time of the month...when it's harder to bear anything that goes wrong. you write some of the smartest, most searching, and most honest posts i read. you *will* pull out of this. yes, of course it's sarah palin's fault: get out there and CANVASS FOR OBAMA so you can fight back against sarah and do some good in the world.
xoxox mimi

Dawn said...

Hey there! Your comments on my blog post are so completely true. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hope you feel better. I know I can have totally different outlooks from one minute to the next. Especially with guy stuff. Man, I annoy myself with my changing moods...

Looking forward to reading more!

Relationship said...

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