Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

September 18, 2008


BWE - Blogging While Emotional. I don't recommend it.

The last entry I wrote falls under that category. I'm away on a work trip, feeling homesick and made the mistake of writing what I was feeling mere minutes after learning of an Ex's happy moving on. I'm sure you can relate.

But of course I realize now that my last post came off so....sad. I promise, things with Wine Guy are hunky dory (for the most part). We are chugging along in the direction I would like (and have made my wishes pretty clear over the last year and a half). Honestly, if it moved any faster, it might be too fast. I just get impatient sometimes and on occasion use this blog to vent. Of course, that then causes you all to think things are going awry, or that I'm a whiny brat (sometimes true), or - the reason for this post - causes my mom to call fretting about my "beating myself up." Sorry mom.

Back to work. Sushi for lunch! One of the few benefits of work travel.



Jaclyn said...

Please don't worry about people judging you about your blog - there are a lot of readers who support you, and hope that everything goes well between you and Wine Guy. When I was dating, if I held in that kind of frustration eventually I would explode at my boyfriend, and it would be quite counterproductive. It is much better that you have this outlet.

Take care,


Sonny Amou said...
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Sonny Amou said...

Yes, agreed. This is why we have the all-night bender to relieve us.

Alcohol: stunting genunine emotional outbursts since Moses.


A fair fairy said...

I only blog when I am emotional. When I'm not emotional, I don't feel like blogging. Hence the roller coaster of posts.

Anonymous said...

Trooper, can you please remind us why you have named your beloved cat AppleButt?


Elisabeth said...

Dating. Its always nice to date with a friend or other person. But its way exciting to date the person so special to you-your crush or special someone. In cases of those who are dating for the sake of meeting and knowing the person up close and personal, well its a risk. I know some people whose trust was abused during their first dates. Because there are a lot of guys who get so impatient they want to score on their first dates. But again, it is up to the other party(girl) whether to permit that to happen or not. First dates should be pleasant. Knowing-each-other stage. This is crucial for first impressions last at this time.
Whether the friendship will continue or not, it depends on those people involved in a date.
Gestures being displayed in a date will determine if there is another one next time. First dates should be memorable and joyous.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

JAC - Thanks for asking. I don't know that I ever explained that, so here goes. My cat's real name is Indiana (named after the street I lived on when I adopted her) and for the first 7 years of her life she was known as "Indy."

Then I met Wine Guy and the crazy nicknames began. First he started calling her "Indianapolis." Then it morphed into "Indianapol-puss." Ha ha.

Then, for whatever reason Wine Guy had, he started throwing in a French accent sounding something like "Indian-ah-play-puuu."
Pretty fun to say actually if you try to channel Pepe LePew.

It wasn't too long until that just became "ah-play-puu" or even just "ah-play" or, when we were feeling more domestic, Apple (no association intended with Gwyneth/Coldplay baby, thank you very much)

I threw in my little inspiration of random nickname torture and AppleButt was born.

Here are a few variations on our dog Luna's name (all devised organically in the first two months since we adopted her):
Luna the Tic
Luna Poona
Luna the Baboona

And, yes, if you're wondering. Wine Guy does the same nickname thing with me. For some reason it's far less entertaining when the nicknames are aimed at you.