Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

August 3, 2008

It's a Girl!

Dear Friends and Readers,
Dating Trooper and Wine Guy are proud to announce the arrival of their newest illegitimate family member, Luna (aka Lunabelle, Lunatic, Moonbeam).

Name: Luna (previously called Myka)
Age: Approximately 3
Size: Medium, 35 pounds
Born in: Tijuana, Mexico
Adoption Date: Friday, July 25, 2008
Adopted From: Local rescue group

Luna's Story: In December 2007, a passerby in Tijuana spotted someone stuff seven puppies into a garbage bag and leave them in a dumpster. Their mother was also thrown out on the street. The passerby contacted a local rescue group who cared for the pups and their mom until they could be sent over the border for potential adoption. The veterinarian's intake report stated that the mother was covered in mange and extremely malnourished, but that she was "sweet" and "listens well." It also noted her skills as "a good mom!" (exclamation point from original text).

The mother (now called Myka by her rescuers) and two of her pups were brought to San Diego in January 2008. Four months later they were transferred to another rescue group that would hopefully have better luck finding them homes (her other five pups remain in Mexico, awaiting their turn to cross the border). Myka's two puppies went to a nearby foster home and Myka stayed with the rescue group coordinator and her other eight rescue dogs (not to mention five of her own dogs). She got along pretty well there, playing with her rotating pack and enjoying the security of a comfortable bed and a daily meal.

That all changed in July 2008 when Myka and her foster family were brought to a San Diego dog park to meet a couple who thought they might take that next big step in their relationship and adopt a dog together. Yes, that would be us.

I'd like to say I fell in love with Myka right away, but there were a few expectations I first had to put to rest (more on that some other time) before I could see the truth -- that she is the most perfect animal to ever exist on the face of the earth and that she was meant to be mine - er, ours.

Once we made up our minds, we set about finding her a new name - something that connected us to her more than some random name chosen by a relative stranger. Actually, I had no problem with Myka. In fact, the name is very similar to one I had always considered using for my daughter. Call me overly optimistic, but I wasn't quite ready to give up that dream. Not yet anyway.

So we went through many brainstorming sessions and Internet searches trying to find the name that would tell her story. At some point we started joking about her being a "hippie dog" now that she lives in the hippy/beachy part of town. One of us (can't remember who) threw out the most stereotypical hippie name we could think of - Moonbeam. Hah, hah.

But the more we said it aloud, albeit in jest, the more we started to kind of like it -- at least in theory. She is silver, like the moon. She used to roam the dimly lit Tijuana streets at night, scavenging for scraps of food and protecting her fatherless pups from danger. Even after having her pups torn from her teats, she managed to hang on to a sliver of that moonlight. And now that she's safe and sound, that moonlight is allowed to shine. (Yes, I have been mentally dramatizing my dog's "shady past," slowly but surely turning the brief summary of her life I read in her vet records into a film noir/telenovela tale of tough bitch surviving on the streets of TJ. Feel free to send me suggestions for a title to this story, tentatively called Luna of the Night.).

Hopefully you get the name in theory by now. Well, at least Wine Guy and I did. But could I really picture myself at the dog park shouting, "Here, Moonbeam! Sit, Moonbeam! Good girl, Moonbeam!" No, I couldn't.

So we kept thinking and circling the idea of a moon-inspired name. Then it hit me. She's Mexican. She speaks Spanish. Moon in Spanish=Luna. The discussion ended right there; actually, it ended once we agreed, after much insistence from Wine Guy, that her "official" name be Luna Moonbeam. But she only gets called that when she's in trouble.

As you can imagine, the addition of Luna to our household has elicited many blogworthy relationship issues (division of labor, philosophies on discipline, the bedroom exile unintentionally imposed on our cats, who are suddenly the best of friends now that they have a common enemy). But for now I prefer to focus on the wonderful stuff. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to bitch and complain once we all settle in.

You know how new parents tend to act as if their babies are the most beautiful, intelligent, advanced lumps of flesh ever born? That used to bug the shit out of me. But if my behavior and one-track-mind over the last week is any indication, I just may be the worst offender. And I love it.



Sonny Amou said...

That dog needs a frisbee. And a red bandanna. Cute dog! I think you'll be a great owner...

Got your msg. Yeah, let's try Saturday night at the Fox...? Been a while since I've gone there.


Forever In School said...

She looks very cute. Poor dog, poor mom! It's great that she is safe with you guys now.

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

she's beautiful! what a face.
congratulations. if i lived in SD i'd bring her some doggie biscuits. i'm sure you guys are great parents. very happy for you.
okay, now tell us how the cats are managing.


Anonymous said...

Rescue dogs are the best! I have two of them! Congrats on your new family member! :)

Anonymous said...

Kitties Rule
Doggies Drool
/Birthday & Indiana AppleButt

A fair fairy said...

absolutely beautiful doggy. happy she found a good home now :)

Anonymous said...

Happy news, lovely dog.

I have two rescue cats. One was noted as "alert" and "scared" with "large scab on nose." After reading the forms, I realized she was pregnant when spayed!

The other was "mouthy when handled." This is the quietest cat ever. She never meows.

Sometimes I ask them where they came from, but they never answer.

Have fun with lovely Luna!

Cara said...

Puppies waiting their turn to cross the Mexican border? How adorable!

And congrats on your new family member.