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December 6, 2007

Dwindling Milestones

I'm big on relationship milestones and Wine Guy and I just had another one - my birthday. I don't usually enjoy these "firsts." In fact, they tend to cause me more anxiety than anything else as I start building up in my head what is supposed to happen and then worry myself sick thinking I'll be let down. (This is one head game I would be happy to get rid of - if only I could figure out how.)

The good (sort of) news is that Wine Guy and I have been together long enough that we are getting close to running out of these exciting/torturous firsts. That's scary. Let's see, what do we have left?
  • Me meeting his family (coming this Christmas)
  • Christmas (we'll be at his parents' in Texas)
  • New Years Eve (overrated holiday -we'll be in New Mexico with his sister)
  • Valentine's Day (a universal day of anticipation and letdown)
  • Passover (my favorite Jewish holiday that will likely involve my brother Pat-hole)
  • Our 1 year anniversary (April 11)

Yes, I left out President's Day, St. Patrick's Day and a few others too..but these are the biggies that will likely cause me some mix of joy and anxiety.

So how did my birthday go? Very fine thank you. My pal Mendoza Line has her birthday two days before mine so a big group celebrated with an 80s inspired rollerskating bonanza at a nearby rink. I've never seen ML happier as she skated for 3 hours straight, clad in rainbows and leg warmers no less. So my b-day celebration 48 hours later was a bit of a (welcome) comedown.

Wine Guy took me to a lovely French restaurant that I've been dying to try and we ate and drank til we were almost sick. Actually, I was kind of sick - with some sort of stomach ailment that still plagues me tonight. So I spent more time in the lovely French restaurant's one-stall bathroom than I would have preferred.

After dinner we headed to a swank bar where we met Mendoza, Scotty, Gouda and her boyfriend BabyFace (he who inspired the Motorcyle Men entry that became a bit of controversy today when someone on a motorcycle chat room stumbled on to it and decided I was hateful and prejudiced towards motorcyle riders. I finally had to close down the comments section for my peace of mind, but I suggest you check it out for a good laugh).

As much as I love Wine Guy's enthusiasm for wine, I am a cocktail lover myself so I was in heaven with the bar's menu of clever drinks like mojitos with champagne, lemon drops with whipped egg whites (frothy topping!), and ginger spiced mint juleps. Yummmmm. Gouda gave me a terrific book called 4,000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone and we all had a blast throwing around absurd questions that elicited answers that ranged from truly heartfelt to hilariously offensive. (I recall Wine Guy, Scotty and BabyFace doing some sort of ridiculous manshake as they sang "bitches...." in response to some relationship based question. Oy.)

Despite my tummy issues, it was a wonderful night that served to remind me how lucky I am to have so many amazing people in my life. Not just those I see everyday but also friends from all over. I was surprised by how many emails, cards and phone calls I received throughout the day from busy friends who took the time to wish me a happy birthday.

Getting older is scary. VERY scary. But I'm also realizing that the older I get, the more wonderful people I get to add to my mix of friends. Some stick around, others don't. But all leave a mark on my heart. Cheezy, I know. But true.

Thanks everyone!



The City Gal said...

First of all: Happy Birthday Sista! :)

Secondly: did you get a present from WG as well as the dinner? (no, I didn't mean the dessert!)

Oh, I need some advice on my blog...whenever you get a chance.

Michele said...

Happy birthday. I'm glad you had a wonderful celebration.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes! Yes, WG did give me several lovely presents that he spent time shopping for and thinking about. Plus dinner (and dessert!)City Gal -what kind of advice do you need/want? I'll do what I can...Feel free to send me an email at

c.a. Marks said...

Happy birthday my fellow Sag! It sounds like you had a great time, glad to hear it.

Loverville said...

Happy B-day, another fellow Sag!

I'm soooo jealous that you have a roller rink near you! Our classic rink here in NYC (the Roxy) closed for good last year. :-(

The City Gal said...

Here is a new post I could use some advice on: