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November 7, 2007

Clothing in Common

Something kind of scary happened the other day. I showed up at Wine Guy's place before we headed out to run some errands around town. A boring old Saturday. When I walked in he was standing in the living room and when we saw each other we both froze. Awkward pause. We were wearing the same outfit. Well, the same fleece sweatshirt from his company, jeans and sneakers. Oh my God, are we one of those couples?

It gets worse. When we went wine tasting a few weekends ago, we both ended up buying the same sweatshirt from one of the wineries too.

Are we going to have to start calling each other before every date like teenage girls, "Oh my God! What are you wearing tonight! Not the grey fleece, right? Because that's what I'm wearing!"

If you haven't figured it out yet, Wine Guy and I are a very casual couple when it comes to clothes. Two or three sweatshirts can pretty much fill out our weekend wardrobes. This could be a big problem.

I guess it makes sense since we do have similar tastes in so many things. And I guess the fault lies with me since both items of clothing are actually menswear (technically).

Don't get me wrong, I do dress feminine and cute when the situation calls for it. But doing the normal boring couple things like running errands, watching a movie on the couch, cooking dinner at home doesn't have to require an "outfit" does it? Let's put it this way, my entire outfit decision making revolves around these two questions: Do I have to wear a bra? and Do I have to wear thong underwear? If the answer is no to at least one of those questions (especially the thong one), chances are I'll wear it.

My friend Gouda relishes any opportunity to put together a cute little outfit. Even her casual wear is adorably assembled. It drives me nuts because it just doesn't come that naturally to me (friendly jealousy I guess. Sorry Gouda, but it's true). And, frankly, there are so many other things I'd rather think about than outfit coordination. It probably would interest me more if I had the money to actually buy the clothes I want, but since I don't, I'm left pretty much uninspired and under dressed.

And Wine guy's wardrobe is, well, small to say the least. I'm not sure why because he does have very particular tastes and points out nice things when we happen to pass by a clothing store. But he is a former hippie (I still can't get him to toss those damn Birkenstocks) and I suspect doesn't value the wardrobe dilemma much either. Plus, when I contrast him with his friend Kansas Cad, a devotee of "The Game" who never misses a chance to wear a Peacock Shirt to attract the ladies..well, I'd much rather have a hippie with three t-shirts in his closet than a Player with the latest embroidered button-down shirt guaranteed to get him laid. Yuck.

I hope this disturbing matching outfits thing will end at just these two sweatshirts. Trust me, there are no plans to go out and buy matching nylon jogging suits. But I can't guarantee it won't happen again. Even while I'm typing this I recalled yet another item of clothing we share - matching t-shirts from the Ani DiFranco concert we went to a few months ago. Granted, his is gray and mine is yellow. But still.



Melissa said...

It happens to us married folks, too. And when it does, one of us changes.

Jeff Vreeland said...

Great Post!

I have very much enjoyed your blog since I discovered it last week.

My wife and I started dressing alike after we got into college - it was quite scary. Fortunately we have not made it up to the level of wearing the same ugly @$$ Christmas sweaters. Unfortunately though, I fear that day is going to come soon.

acaligurl said...

well, as long as you don't start wearing the same lipstick color!(hee hee)