Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

October 7, 2007

The Effin' Bee

Normally I write off Friday nights as not much more than a Netflix movie, a glass of wine and a good night's sleep. But the FNB changed all of that. What's the FNB? It stands for "Friday Night Book," the name Wine Guy and I gave the little black book that sits on my desk, waiting for the next item to be entered. If you recall, Wine Guy and I enjoy a Friday night ritual of strolling the neighborhood (usually with a good buzz) and exploring new streets, architecture, and occasional innocent voyeurism as we peek into the lighted windows of the many rich people that live around our respective apartment buildings.

The FNB took this pastime to the next level. Now lovingly called "The Effin' Bee," the black journal is quickly filling up with the essence of what makes our relationship so, well, uniquely ours.

For Wine Guy's birthday in June, I bought him (and us) several Moleskine journals. He'd mentioned wanting one and we'd talked about having a place to write down the many plans we would talk about in our frantic "getting to know you" first few months of dating. So I bought each of us a small notebook (customized with our initials) and then a larger journal where we could record the adventures we actually pulled off.

For awhile, the journals sat admired but unused. Then the Friday night walks became a ritual. Our conversations on these walks were so full of inspiring ideas and plans that we decided it was time to record them for future reference.

As we started writing, more ideas would come. But not just the "Take a trip to wine country" or "Eat at that new Indian restaurant" kind of ideas. These ideas were so diverse (and often ridiculously hilarious) that we found the need to start a fresh page for each new category we started: movies to see, cool gift ideas, silly band names, business ideas, websites worth starting, nicknames, funny things we've overheard, phony fundraising drives, interesting dichotomies. We even have a page called "Bad Ideas" (so far the entries are "Join the Marines" and "Get [Dating Trooper] really hungry and then annoy her" -- see this entry for why this last one is such a bad idea).

This past Friday night we broke the tradition by actually going out to see a band. It was kind of nice to do something different to cap off the work week and we were both looking forward to mixing with other people without having to peep into their windows from a darkened street. We had a great time and surprised ourselves by staying out past 2am.

Despite the change in our Friday night plans, The Effin' Bee still thrived in spirit. In line at the club, we started one of our conversational idea riffs. I always know when we hit on a good/bad idea worth recording because I start itching for the book. Except this time we were about to get our IDs checked and the book was safe and sound on my desk at home. Concerned I would forget the idea before we got home, I frantically grabbed my cell phone and texted Wine Guy the three new page-starting ideas.

By Sunday afternoon I had long forgotten this inspiration. But when Wine Guy checked his phone and reminded me about the texts on his phone, it all came flooding back. I grabbed the Effin' Bee and scribbled them down, to be remembered for days, weeks, years (?) to come.

True, when I flip through the pages of the Effin' Bee, most ideas elicit a perplexed "What the heck were we talking about?" But from time to time I hit on one that brings back the memory of the conversation and makes me smile. In fact, there are quite a few that allow me to look forward to what I hope will be a future of many more Friday nights to come.

I guess the Effin' Bee has transformed from a simple, black journal to a relationship state of mind.



Anonymous said...

A wonderful entry! I envy the rich life you two are building. Your appreciation and archiving of shared ideas, thoughts, moments in time (that so many of us lose the instant they are over( is almost spiritual .

Loverville said...

That's so sweet that you two do that! It's like your own ongoing yearbook!