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September 16, 2007

Doggie Addendum

Right after I hit "publish" on my last post and went back to showering Toby the blind dog with love, I realized something. I always try to be fair minded and see both sides of an issue, especially when I'm putting it out here on the internet for everyone to read. But I missed something on the last one.

Even before I took on this dog sitting gig, I gush over this dog. Whenever he comes over with his mom Mendoza, I'm focused on him. But so is his mom, so I'm sure Wine Guy doesn't notice as much. But with mommy Mendoza out of the picture this weekend, it's just me oohing and ahhing over the cutest dog in the world all the time. I'm sure - if I'm really honest with myself about it - Wine Guy's feeling a little ignored. What's to say he's not also thinking, "Oh my God? Is this how it's going to be if we have kids?"

My mom, as you know, is a therapist. And she has told me many times that one of the biggest causes she sees for marriages falling is apart is that the women forget all about their husbands once they have a kid. It's all about the baby, baby, baby. I always swore I would never be that kind of wife and mother.

So I guess, in all fairness, he has a reason to want to push my buttons or get a rise out of me (as one of you readers so wisely observed). Duly noted.

Well, better go. Wine Guy is waiting for me to come over for a trip to the park. Yes, I'm bringing Toby but I'll make sure to shower most of my affections on the human instead. Thanks for the feedback everyone.


p.s. Yes, the dog is very fuzzy and he does get quite warm on those warm southern California days. But his mom shaves him down a few times each summer, which only makes him more adorable (but in a pathetically cute sort of way).

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Mendoza Line said...

I am thrilled that Toby directly/indirectly inspired not one but TWO blog entries!

Imagine the potential blogging for my future three-legged dream-dog...