Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

August 17, 2007

What do women want? Click here.

I got back around 6:30 tonight from a daylong work trip up to Northern California. Always a pretty grueling schlep, having to get to the airport by 5:30am and take two painful trips through airport security, round trip in one day.

But tonight is date night so I'm trying to stay somewhat energetic. Wine Guy and I have discovered our favorite thing to do. Friday nights, get buzzed on good wine, eat a nice meal he has prepared, walk around an interesting neighborhood, people watch, and take it all in. I like to think of it as our "evening constitutional." If it doesn't sound as perfect of an evening as it does to us, I'm not offended. That's why I'm dating Wine Guy and you're not ;-)

So, while he cooks behind me right now, I'm typing away. He pretty much can't carry on a conversation when he's cooking anyway (which used I used to take personally, see here) so I usually end up tooling around the web and sharing funny things I come across with him from time to time, whether he pays attention or not.

And it was just this scenario tonight that prompted me, with Wine Guy's permission, to pop onto the blog and share this quick observation.

One of my favorite things to do while Wine Guy hangs around that stovey-thing (he's making Shrimp Ragu, which he pulled from the New York Times recipe page, and he specifically asked me to link to it), is to go to my Google Reader and catch up on my fellow Troopers' recent blog entries. It's like you've kind of become my friends and I actually care what's happening in your lives. Except I'm not obligated to email or call you a couple times a week either. You're like friends, without the guilt.

So, I get to Amore & Vino's recent entry (she's one of my faves, and it doesn't hurt that she is kinda of a Wine Gal too) and I see it. The perfectly simple explanation of what a single woman in her 30s is looking for. I don't know if she intentionally crafted this sentence or not, but I like to think that it was more of an in-the-moment thought she was able to type out before moving on to another one. Either way, it is poignant - at least to me.

So the next time you hear some guy lament, "I just don't get it?! What the heck are women looking for?"

Answer with this quote from our pal a&v:

"Why can't I find someone who is clever and confident and interesting? I don't even require GQ looks or riches..----"

Allow me to interrupt for a second. I think many women would agree (at least the ones I imagine might actually read this blog), with what she's said so far. For the most part. But how you value the rest of her sentence is up to you. I can't quite say exactly where I stand on this issue in principle. But I sure as hell know what I would prefer.

So, back to the end of the quote:

"I don't even require GQ looks or riches...or generous dimensions in his pants."



coffeesnob said...

agree. a&v is swell. funny (despite the fraught dating dilemmas). but am bored to sobs with newspaper/magazine articles asking "what women want". it would save time if they asked "what women don't want" instead.

a&v said...

Oh, this is too funny! I know I wrote it but still--I'm laughing! (And this is the first time I've been cited, so go me!)

I have a lot to say about dimension, but ... maybe I'll put that in a post rather than mess up your wonderful comment space. :)

I still maintain that I wish your wonderful Wine Guy had a twin. Your Friday night sounds perfect!

Loverville said...

Your Friday Night Constitutional sounds just lovely! Sometimes you just need a mellow night together... and he sounds like a great cook! Again, I'm very disappointed that he doesn't have a brother in NY! =0)

I like what you wrote about fellow bloggers seeming like friends -- I feel that way as well.

re: your final thought... I agree. Yes, size matters. Not "porn star" big... but not "is it in yet?" small either.

Lucy said...

A man that cooks! That's enough for me! Dismissed, indeed!

Michele said...

I have to agree with loverville. Your Friday night sounds so great and exactly what I'd love to do if I didn't have a 15-month old.

Also, agree that SIZE DOES MATTER : )

walt said...

Too funny! OK, is this something you gals look at when a man walks by, and can you tell anything at all when a man is fully dressed?

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Walt, speaking only for myself here, but if I can actually notice a guy's "package" while he's fully clothed and just walking by, chances are his pants are ridiculously tight and he is not dressing for ladies, if you know what I mean. Generally it's a suspenseful waiting game until we find out the size..and then it's either a sigh of relief or the beginning of some very frantic rationalization for why size really doesn't matter. But again, that's just me;-)

a&v said...

Oh, fine--I'll sketch in a little more detail on my brave statement about dimensions.

I'd take an "average" dimension whose bearer possessed skill and finesse over a huge dimension whose bearer was so proud of said dimension that he thought all it took to please his lady was the jackhammer maneuver. (Hello, personal experience?) I think we might agree on this one. ;)

Maybe I've just been lucky with my men--all of varying size/girth but no nubbins to be seen and plenty to be proud of!