Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

August 23, 2007

Trooper Takes a Trip

Just wanted to check in to tell you all that I'm leaving this weekend for a much needed vacation. I will bring along my trusty laptop "Cherry" just in case I find myself inspired to drop you all a line. But I'm not promising anything. It is a vacation after all.

I'm taking a cruise to Alaska with my mom. No, don't cringe. It really isn't a bad thing. My mom is actually pretty cool and I know we will have a good time. And if we don't get along, there are certainly plenty of cruise-tastic activities to distract us from one another (we are both first time "cruisers" - meant in the totally innocent sense of the word). If anything, I'll probably cramp her style (particularly if/when she wants to go dancing, something I usually dread). We've both wanted to take this trip for years and finally decided to book the damn thing earlier this year when I was boyfriend-free with no romantic vacations in sight. What better time to take a trip with your mother?

Of course, now it will be hard leaving Wine Guy behind. But he will take good care of my cat and hopefully miss me terribly. I know I will miss him - in between gorging myself in the dining room and soaking in the hot tub of course. He is also supposedly planning a home improvement surprise in my apartment while I'm gone. No complaints here!

Tonight he took my mom and me out to dinner (today is my mom's b-day) and, I must admit, the three of us make a lively pair. I knew they would get along before they even met, but I honestly didn't think they would feel so comfortable around each other so quickly. I know it sounds weird but if the timing had worked, I would have loved to have Wine Guy come along with us. And I think he would have actually wanted to come too. Now that would be a trip chock full of potential blog entries, wouldn't it?!

As I walked my mom to her car tonight she turned to me and said, "You know, [Wine Guy] is really sweet, and very funny." I agreed. He was being his natural, goofy, charming self at dinner and my mom was loving it, as was I. As she opened her car door she turned back to clarify her point further, "He really is quite a character you know."

"Yeah," I said, "But a good one, right?"

"Oh yes, a very good one."

I agree.

If I don't talk at you from Alaska's Inside Passage, enjoy your Labor Day holiday and I'll be back in touch in September!



coffeesnob said...

typical. just as a show gets really interesting thew throw to a commercial break.

Loverville said...

Have a fabulous trip -- a vacation with your mom will be an amazing experience! I'm sure Alaska will be gorgeous.

I traveled with my mom to Thailand and Brazil years ago, and we had a great time.

Mendoza Line said...

Want to borrow my floor-length bridesmaid's dress for your dinner with Captain Stubing?

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Perhaps I will dine with Cpt. Stubing "after hours" ;-)
Although Gopher was kind of sexy....

Lucy said...

I've been to Alaska. Actually, it was around this time (in the summer). You'll have a grand ole time. This is best time of year to go. But be sure to bring one of those blindfold/sleep thingies... the sun tends to circle around in the sky and never set this time of year. (Hence very little shut eye.)

Have fun! Can't wait to hear what happened when you get back!
Safe travels.