Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

August 8, 2007

Man, That is One Sexy Organ!

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter, people! I'm talking science here.

I just read this article about some research that demonstrates the human brain " the anthropoid equivalent of the peacock's tail. In other words, it is an organ designed to attract the opposite sex."

At first I thought, cool! Perhaps my intelligence might is actually working in my favor (despite all evidence to the contrary, being that I'm 34 and nowhere near happily paired off for life).

But then I got towards the bottom of the article and saw some of the conclusions the researchers made:

"These two studies support the idea, familiar from everyday life, that what women want in a partner is material support while men require self-sacrifice."

It concludes by saying "As the old saw has it, faint heart never won fair lady. On the other hand a soft heart, it appears, wins a gentleman."

Hmmm.....I can't decide if this is a terribly depressing, offensive, or simply a "no duh!" conclusion. Maybe a little bit of everything?

Should I get back into volunteering? I don't recall men knocking down my door when I was mentoring a middle school student. Or raising money for the American Cancer Society. Perhaps I should have been offering to do their laundry instead. That is self-sacrifice I'm not sure I'm interested in. But then again, if there was adequate "material support" maybe I'd consider it! Kidding (I think)!



Green Daze 44 said...

Yea, I get frustrated when people tell me to just do the things I love and I'll meet someone. When I was single for 7 years before I married my second husband, I volunteered for EVERYTHING! I did fun runs, I did bike rides, went to the library, I went to the gym almost daily. I was only 28, in good shape, (from going to the gym), outgoing, friendly and pretty and yet I never got asked out.

So then there was the people that told me I was trying too hard. They said I must have been sending out a signal that I was desperate.

Then there are those that say, you can send out the wrong signal of your NOT interested.

So I'm pretty much tired of what other people say. I like reading what happens to other people, but I think we have to feel comfortable with outselves first, I guess, I don't know yet. I'm only about to be single again and wonder what will happen this time.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's about being charitable ( although that does say a lot about your character. It is about the soft voice, the light touch on the arm,the gentle approach..that man will listen, calm down, and probably do as you ask and go out and hunt down that buffalo.