Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

June 11, 2007

Overly Familiar

Last night, Wine Guy and I were sitting on the floor of his living room. It was about 11pm, definitely time for bed after a fun but tiring weekend. He had just finished folding his laundry and we were finishing up an "Arrested Development" DVD.

Thinking I would get up and make my way slowly to bed, I instead followed a rather unexpected instinct. Before standing up all the way, I turned around and straddled Wine Guy's legs and gave him a big smooch. Then I lifted up his t-shirt to give his belly a vigorous rub and bunch of kisses, full of affection that I simply couldn't help but deliver. This sudden burst is not unusual - OK, it is terribly unusual for me in general. But not for me with Wine Guy. I can't help but "love on him." And I don't hear him complaining :-)

But this time I was taken aback by my own blatant familiarity. Here I am with a guy I feel so comfortable with that I can sit on him any way I want, lift his shirt up whenever I damn well please, and cover him with kisses at my pleasure. And I've only known the guy -- as in "Hi my name is Trooper, Nice to meet you"-- for TWO FREAKIN' MONTHS!

I couldn't help but express this thought to Wine Guy as I straddled him. "Can you believe I just did that? Can you believe we can be like this after only two months?"
He agreed, it is pretty crazy. Then he asked me, "Do your friends think it's weird?"

My first instinct was to say, "Of course not!" But I stopped myself for a second before responding. Do they think it's weird? Is it weird?

I thought back to when we first started dating (like six weeks ago) when I would flinch out of frigid terror if Wine Guy's arm even grazed mine (see My Walled Garden). How did it go from that to letting him rub my ass whenever he damn well pleases (hey, so I like having my ass rubbed, OK?!).

For the life of me I can't tell what led to what. At first I thought our delay in even enjoying a real kiss was because we had too much to say. Talk, talk talk. It felt like it was leading dangerously close to friend territory but, thankfully, veered the other way at the last minute. But now that I am really starting to understand the depth of our connection, both physically (and it is pretty "deep" my fellow Troopers:-) and emotionally, I'm starting to think we could never have gotten to this point of complete familiarity without the talk, talk, talking to start.

I guess it doesn't matter. The point is I'm here. Tonight is Wine Guy's birthday and I'm excited to take him out for a wonderful dinner (not an easy task - he is a major Foodie) and give him the ridiculously sentimental gift I put together. Tonight is also our 2 month "anniversary" so we might even toast to that as well.

I'll be back soon with some far less romanticized tales that involve all sorts of embarrassing bodily functions. Stay tuned!


Loverville said...

That sounds SO normal, and wonderful! When you think about it, two months may not seem like that much time, but when you see each other a few times a week... all those days/nights togther add up quickly.


Loverville said...

And ps -- "Arrested Development" rocks! I'm in the midst of watching all the episodes again -- too funny!

Loose seal!

ptwelve said...

You two sound like a wonderful fit. I am thrilled for you.

Still, everyone agrees about that three-month time frame. I will be relieved when you pass that important milestone.

How old is Wine Guy?

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Me too ptwelve! Only one month to go. Oh, Wine Guy is 36 (a year and a half older than me).

Xweing said...

So what gift did u give him??