Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

June 30, 2007

My, oh Meme

I feel oh so Internet hip having been "tagged" by Loverville with this meme (I admit, I had no clue what that was and had to got to Wikipedia to find out). Anyway, I had another entry in mind for today but this is more fun so we'll go with this first. Sorry I've been quiet this week. I've been having some serious trauma in the crazy landlord department (anyone know a hit man?!) and it has kept me far too distracted to focus on blogging. In fact, it's been the first crisis I've faced that Wine Guy has been lucky enough to witness. He's been very patient and helpful while I vent, yell, cry and generally panic, though I'm sure he is sick to death of the subject so I need to try to give him a break for awhile.

One thing we have discovered is that a rather typical man/woman conundrum does indeed apply to the two of us. The "I need to vent and just want you to be compassionate and tell me everything will be OK, not give me a lecture." We're all guilty of that, me especially. When I very tearily pointed this out to him, he apologetically concurred, stopped lecturing, and followed my carefully prescribed script. God bless him!

Oh, and Wine Guy is convinced that he comes off sounding like a jerk in these entries (he's only read a few and we both agree it's kind of weird so he supposedly stopped reading). I try to tell him that is quite the opposite - that many of you guys think he sounds like a wonderful man. Feel free to back me up on this!

Anyway, the housing drama has reached a critical point and I suspect I will be forced to move soon from my little canyon getaway where I've been for over 5 years. So sad. But one door closes and another opens. No, I'm not moving in with Wine Guy (I've already made it clear that co-habitation would require some form of long term commitment, in the form of a diamond and a date (not that he asked me to move in I assure you). Been there, done that and I'm not going down that road again. Instead, I think Mendoza and I might get a house which could be awesome!

Lots to update you on on (like the first official Wine Guy and Mom outing last night), but not today. First I will respectfully respond to LV's tag and then I will get ready to hit the beach! Have a good weekend everyone...

Four jobs I've had:
* Dorm security in college (where I learned to read Plato in between ID swipes)
* Intern for Martin Scorsese (where I learned how to type quietly, wrap celebrity Christmas presents, and pick up dry cleaning)
* D-girl for cheezy TV movie development company (where I learned how to scavenge "inspired by" true stories from the National Enquirer)
* Studio manager for NYC photographer (where I learned how to approach models on the streets of SoHo and ask if they would pose naked for free - some actually did)

Four films that I can watch repeatedly
* Groundhog Day
* Goodfellas
* Mary Poppins

Four places in which I have lived:
* Harlem
* Prospect Park, Brooklyn
* Brentwood (four blocks from scene of OJ killing)
* West Hollywood/Fairfax District

Four places I've been on vacation:
* Cuba (don't tell the authorities)
* Kauai
* Tokyo
* Cayman Islands

Four sites that I visit daily (other than blogs):
* Google
* BoingBoing
* Cuteoverload
* Cats That Look Like Hitler

Four of my favorite dishes:
* Mixed Feast Pan Fried Noodles
* Dim Sum
* Caterpillar roll
* Pork chops

Four people that I am tagging:
* Domestic Irritation
* Sexagenarian and the City
* Land Mines
* Adventures of a Single Guy


Loverville said...

Please remind Wine Guy that from this end, he sounds pretty fricking amazing! And I'm still a bit bummed that he doesn't have a brother here in NY!

Wow, you're a former New Yorker -- represent, yo!

Land Mines said...

Thanks for the tag!!

Let Wine Guy know that he is great! :)