Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

May 20, 2007

What dealbreaker?

Just got home from my almost 24 hour date with Wine Guy. It's official, I am terribly smitten. The good news? He is too. We had a terrific evening together (despite his very jealous cat meowing her disapproval and making sleep harder than it already was) and this morning on our way to breakfast (..ahem..) I could feel that we were both stupid-giddy with affection and practically bursting at the seams with ideas for all the things we want to do together in the coming months (yes, "future talk").

I couldn't take it anymore. The only thing holding me back from diving in at this point (because diving in, when it's right, can a good thing) was the initial deal breaker we discovered far too early on in our relationship. (If you missed it, it was him not wanting kids and the link is here).

So I finally said it. "You know, we're going to have to have that 'talk' again pretty soon if we want this to continue." He kind of looked at me with a smile and slightly nervous grin. I rushed through the next part in my typically not-subtle way, "BecauseIreallylikeyouandneedtoknowwhereyoustandontheissuebeforeIlet myselfgettooattachedtoyou...Idon'tneedtotalkaboutitindetail...justneedtoknowifthisis ano-way-in-hellthingorifyouarebendableonthe issue." Phew. Then I hid my face behind my clenched hands waiting for his response.

He chuckled because I was acting so silly (not new to him I assure you). Then he made my day, week, year when he very diplomatically responded that although he's not ready to do it tomorrow (and I am?), he feels it is something he would consider and it is really about timing and the person he's with. In fact, he surprised himself at how open to the idea he has become (in fact more open than closed).

Before he could even turn to gauge my response I had uncovered my face, smiled what I'm sure was a toothy grin and said, "OK, OK! That's all I needed to hear. Subject closed. I'm in!" And off we went to breakfast and a lovely afternoon napping between annoying cat disturbances.

Let's just say for the moment there is a bit of a truce in my dating war.
I'll still be writing though, I assure you, as my fellow Troopers are out there fighting the good fight and this could very well be a tentative lull in the fighting, though hopefully not.


a&v said...

Yes, I (a reader of a few weeks) have been wondering about that "little" deal breaker! What good news this is. He sounds perfect--perhaps Wine Guy has a twin in the wine country? :)

Loverville said...

I'm living vicariously through you -- very happy that things are going so well with you and him! Nice to see that the "deal breaker" might not be that after all.

And breakfast? You go, girl!

Keep the updates coming!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

That's one of the great things about having this blog...having to be accountable for the things I say are important to me. I said it was a dealbreaker and I couldn't shove it under the rug because it was in print and I know readers were thinking it I got to the bottom of it. and I am VERY relieved. No brother unfortunately, but if he had a choice, I bet Wine Guy wouldn't mine living in wine country!

Cute Jewess said...

How nice! Sounds great!!

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope (expect, is more like it) that you will be clarifying your "ahem" in the coming days :)

Loverville said...

That's strange... I posted earlier, but maybe it didn't come through?

I promise, it was nothing offensive! Just a "you go, girl" and "I'm living vicariously through you", etc.

You're an inspiration to those of us still in the trenches!

bailey said...

congratulations! good to know there are good guys out there you don't have to have met 'on-line' dating!!

ptwelve said...

I love wine guy!

Sounds like he'd be willing to meet you halfway. Maybe you'd be willing to meet him halfway?

Not that you can have half a baby. But it might be worth considering that wine guy is more important than a baby. What if your choice were him with never a baby, or declaring this a dealbreaker and ditching him for the great unknown?

I mean, maybe it's really a dealbreaker. Or maybe, when you find the guy you want in your life forever, it shouldn't be.