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May 4, 2007

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi

That's what I keep chanting as I gear up for my date tonight with McConaughey. I will very rarely turn down a free sushi meal. (Of course, if he actually takes me up on my offer to pay, then the "free" part goes out the window, doesn't it?). But this motivational tool is still leaving me feeling a little guilty.No matter how many times my friends tell me "It is absolutely fine for you to go out with him tonight. You owe Wine Guy nothing at this point," I still feel like an evil bitch. I've been trying very hard to keep things with Wine Guy on the talk-every-other-day cycle because I'll feel less guilty (and have less opportunity to blurt out something stupid) if we talk less. Of course, we email several times a day so does that count?

This afternoon I looked at a few of my fellow blogger's sites (Loverville and Cute Jewess particularly) for some reassurance. I felt better remembering that we're all dating a few guys at I need to chill the f*ck out and stop acting like I'm doing something wrong!

My friend Gouda (she picked the name - she likes cheese, whadya gonna do?) has been terrific in reassuring me. Her advice is this: "Just pretend like you're a Victorian woman who's being courted by many men." Of course, I don't think she was thinking "Victorian woman" when she got naked with Cheezy Guy on date #2 last week (I got the OK to discuss here, don't worry). After we laughed and talked about this surprising encounter, we concluded that the only reason she got naked with him was because she knew he had no relationship potential (in fact, she didn't even particularly like him). But he wasn't bad looking, so why the hell not get a little action before she sent him on his way? Plus, I told you she liked cheese!

OK, now that I've vented I feel much better. Tonight I will eat sushi, drink sake and give McConaughey a chance. But if he "buddy jabs" me again I might have to order the toro.


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Loverville said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

And DEFINITELY... unless you have the "are we exclusive?" talk (with an affirmative) -- absolutely, date a different guy every week if you want to.

After all -- you don't know what HE'S doing when you're not with him.