Note: The "Trooper" in question is not actually in the military. It's a metaphor, people.

May 4, 2007

The Buddy Comes Out to Play

Just got home from my date with McConaughey and I must say there is something quite freeing about spending an evening with someone you absolutely know you will not see again. Well, let me is freeing only when the company isn't terribly offensive or rude. But you can just tell there is nothing there beyond company for a few hours.

Within the first few sips of sake I knew this was just a "something to do" kind of date. So I was set free to be totally, 100% goofy me. This is something I do terribly well when I want to. I'm really good at being the entertaining girl "buddy" when I want to be (the antithesis of anything even resembling "sexy") and within half an hour he stopped flirting with me (no more "buddy taps" thank god, I think that is flirting for him) and started telling me things that I know he wouldn't tell a girl he wanted to see again romantically. As long as I knew it was just going to last for the next two hours, I made the best of it.

He told me how he went out with one girl on who he slept with on the second date ("a sign right there something was wrong with her," he says) and on the third date she told him she likes it rough and wanted to be tied up around the neck til she chokes. That freaked him out and he made up some excuse and left. When I heard that story, I was relieved...this guy is NOT interested in me so I won't even have to worry about fending off a good night kiss.

He suggested sushi, yet had apparently never eaten it before ( a California roll does not count as he quickly found out). So I made it my goal to get him to eat, and like, real sushi. Goal accomplished. He was quite excited when he popped the nigiri into his mouth and realized it didn't taste "fishy" at all. I told him the evening consisted of a "first" for me too...I had never been to a sushi bar with someone who used a fork. Yikes. But hey, he even mopped up the extra eel sauce with his finger so he's got some redeeming qualities I guess. But when a guy excuses his ignorance of something-- without any sense of irony -- with the proud statement "Hey, I'm a Texan," I know there won't be another date.

After a drink at a nearby pub, we both ran out of things to talk about. A brisk walk to our cars followed by a quick hug and I was on my way home to report back and thankfully go to bed. This is my first post from my brand new MacBook by the way (her name is Cherry, so say hello).

I am going out with Wine Guy tomorrow night and after an evening with a nice but severely uncultured Texan (I'd like to think the real Matthew McConaughey would actually know about things like theater, film and art, right?), I am craving his company. I even invited him as my date to the theater on Sunday afternoon (I have an extra ticket) and he graciously accepted. It's a little weird because my mom and all her yenta friends will also be at there, but before I invited him I made sure to call her and ask if it was OK if we pretended we weren't there at the same time. It is WAY too early to even get near "meeting mom" territory, let alone her slightly obnoxious theater group. This is why I love my mom - without even hesitating she said, "I completely understand. I won't even look for you." The poor woman has suffered way too many false starts with my boyfriends in the past so we both agreed she won't meet them until I'm about to walk down the freakin' aisle!

By the way, I didn't order the toro - but mostly because the place (which he picked) seemed a little dicey.

Have a great weekend. Dismissed.


Loverville said...

Sounds like an "entertaining" date with Texan guy!

I know EXACTLY what you mean, about it being freeing -- you're still stuck with this guy for at least another hour or so, so might as well have fun with it!

Jacqueline said...

you are such a good sport to play along. I just play the "i'm tired" card.

Melissa said...

You've got a great Mom! Did she get a gander at Wine Guy? Did you manage to avoid each other at the theater? (BTW, I married a guy who uses a fork with sushi. But when we met, so did I!)