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April 11, 2007

Wine, Bourbon and Boys

OK, first off I must preface this entry by warning you that I'm kind of drunk and riding the high of good, flirty conversation with a promising man. So take this for what it's worth. But I thought it was important that I give you a taste of what I'm like when I'm raw and somewhat optimistic. But don't hold me to any of this.....

I just got home from a singles wine tasting night at a local wine shop. I'd heard this was a good scene and I've figured out this town is ridiculously small and rather narrow, so if I'm looking for what one might define as a "sophisticated" grown man (that is what I'm looking for, right?), he might frequent an event such as this.

I was tired after a long day at work and rather grueling session with the new yoga-Nazi instructor at my gym. I decided if my friend "Skinny" was up for it, I could muster the energy to shower and at least check it out. As luck would have it, she was.

We walk in to the place and it is packed full of absolutely gorgeous.....women. Seriously, I wanted to go to all the pick-up bars in town and tell all the guys that they should follow me if they're looking for a bar-full of beautiful, horny women. As far as I was concerned, we were all pretty much "tied" in the looks department, so the only way to differentiate ourselves from the pack (if we found someone worth differentiating ourselves for of course) was to start tap dancing or stripping or something.

We bumped into "Solo," a new tennis friend who told me she might be there, despite having a boyfriend. Thank God, because she invited Skinny and me to sit down with her and a few guys she met the last time she was there not picking up guys. Come to think of it, I always met great guys when I had a boyfriend too.

Fast forward a few wine glasses later, and I'm sitting next to Solo's friend Wine Guy. I find myself blushing and spinning from the blur of conversation. One of those conversations that both of you can't even keep up with. You're dying to find out the next thing about each other and keep jumping from topic to topic like there won't ever be time to talk again.

So what was it that dazzled me? Let's see. He's smart, knows a lot about things I don't but wouldn't mind knowing (wine, cooking, astrology, Pilates - NO he's not gay I swear. I always like the pseudo gay guys, I know). He went to school in New York City (like me), studied film (like me), decided the entertainment business was far too shallow to actually pursue a career in (Iike me), and he likes me (like me?). We were both equally dazzled by one another (I say this now while I'm still buzzed. Tomorrow I'll be absolutely convinced i"ll never hear from him again), and weren't too wussy to express that sentiment during our nonstop banter.

He taught me about wine without sounding like a pretentious dickwad. We talked about how small-minded San Diego can be, while both agreeing it isn't all that bad of a place to live. I told him I loved Sex and the City and he seemed willing to give it a try (OK, he was probably saying to score points here, but well done nevertheless). I told him I liked wine just fine but was much more of a liquor kind of girl. He got up and came back with a snifter of what I discovered was a very fine bourbon. A girl could get used to that.

We left with a hug, goofy grins and a promise of an imminent phone call. I drove home with a perma-smile that should have lured in an asshole cop gunning for a DUI arrest, and the music cranked so loud I think I woke my neighbors (who knew late 80's Metallica could make a girl so giddy?)

I walked in the door to my kitty chirping a greeting and my answering machine light blinking. A message from date #2 (planned for this Sunday). He sounded nervous, like the complete stranger that he is. But sincere enough, trying hard to make a good impression with his first voice communication. Goddammit, online dating is so fundamentally unnatural. Poor guy. He can't possibly compete with a buzzed girl who just met Mr. Perfect At This Very Moment - at least until the wine and bourbon wear off and I wake up to the annoyingly calm NPR announcers on my alarm clock talking over my headache and the onset of dating pessimism.



Loverville said...

Yes -- here's to drunk blogging!

Good luck with Wine Guy -- ah, that kind of high is even better than the best bourbon! Do keep us posted!

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